UAV or Drone surveys and inspections have become commonplace. Whether you’re looking to use a Drone to survey your home, business or construction site, there is a platform for you.

If you’re needing a Drone Pilot for your latest promo, advert or any other production we have the know how.

High accuracy UAV mapping, geo-referenced orthomosaics, dense point clouds and more available to the highest standards.

our services at a glance


drone filming & photography

Survey the roof or the entire building be it residential, commercial or industrial, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your needs.
Hiring cranes and cherry pickers can be costly and slow but using our drones makes the task significantly more cost-effective and time-saving.



uav 3D mapping & modelling

Using photogrammetry, we collect data to generate various outputs, such as 3D models, georeferenced orthomosaics, dense point cloud, digital surface models (DSM) or digital elevation models (DEM) based on all relevant information captured from our UAV aerial survey.


Workswell WIRIS_wind power plant_thermal

thermal imaging by drone

Drone Thermal Imaging is growing at a rapid rate and for good reason.

Traditional methods of performing thermal imaging surveys are costly and hugely time-consuming.

Using drones, you will be cutting the time of traditional surveys by more than half as well as saving you money.


Still-Live Media prides itself on providing quality UAV or Drone services while keeping costs within reach of all customers. 

We operate to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Still-Live Media work within regulations laid out by the CAA to keep ourselves and others safe.

Operating to a max height of 400ft (120m) the shot options available to you are near endless.

The capabilities of our platforms allow us to offer you the shots you require at height or up close and personal to the action.

We are also fully insured with public liability cover of £2,000,000 which can be increased for qualifying projects.


Still-Live Media is now offering RPQ’s courses.

Intensive ground school training and an online based learning system assist students in obtaining permissions to operate a drone commercially.

This is known as a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations issued by the CAA) (Civil Aviation Authority)

All Ground School training is carried out and processed by the UK’s longest running NQE (National Qualified Entity) RUAS.

Flight assessments are completed following the compilation of your FRC’s (Flight Reference Cards) and Operations Manual.

Students will be provided comprehensive templates to complete the above by RUAS.

Our goal is to provide students with the highest quality training to ensure they become safe, responsible and competent UAV pilots.

A variety of different commercial drone training courses are available regardless of your experience, learning style (including online learning)  and what disciplines you are working towards.


Drone Training includes:

Introduction to Flight Training

RPQ-s – standard training for full commercial drone operations

Online drone training – RPQ-s e-learning

Operation Manual Reviews for renewal or first submissions

Flight Assessments

Night drone operation training and assessment

Extended Visual Line of Sight flight assessment

Operational Safety Case (OSC) consultation


Leading up to your 2-day intensive ground schooling, 15 hours of web-based learning must be completed providing you the basics prior to commencing your ground schooling.

The Ground School course is constructed to make students aware of all CAA regulations and guidance and basic airmanship you need to understand to operate your Drone in the safest possible manner.

Both the Ground School and Practical Flight assessment are in place to assess your capability to perform operations safely, not only in planning but also in execution.

Still-Live Media is an official training partner with RUAS who is a CAA approved NQE (No. 119)

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creative ideas

SLM was born of creativity and this is reflected in our work with a variety of UAV/Drone platforms.

 Open minded crew with the ability to see and develop shots will provide an intuitive shot composition to any production.

We also possess the ability to follow a shot-list if that is what is required for your project.

professional team

The team at SLM are perfectionists and conduct all Drone deployments with the utmost professionalism at all times.

A solid working knowledge of drone inspections, drone 3D mapping and modelling and drone surveys ensures you get the expected results for your project.

expert advice

With a combined experience of more than 37 years in the broadcast and production industry, our team has the expertise to guide you in the right direction for your drone shoot or UAV inspection. 

Experience in directing, camera ops, editing, music production and photography allows us to impart a wealth of knowledge from various sectors and also to understand what the client requires.