Surveying your roof or building has never been easier.

Whether it’s the roof or the entire building, residential, commercial or indusrtrial, Still-Live Media has the expertise and capabilities to meet all you needs.
Hiring cranes and cherry pickers to do the job can be very costly and slow to complete their task but by using our aerial platforms it becomes significantly more cost effective and time saving.
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Thermal Imaging is an important task in the industrial and construction sectors and growing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies that make thermographic inspection from the air not only a viable but essential.

Flir say “Thermal Imaging camera drones are also being used for the thermographic inspection of inaccessible buildings or electric power lines as well as for firefighting and law enforcement jobs. The technology could also be implemented for other industrial applications, research and development, cutting edge aerial archaeology or nature and animal observance.”


You Have the Task…We Have the Solution.

Using photogrammetry, we collect data to generate various outputs, such as 3D models, georeferenced orthomosaics, dense point cloud, digital surface models (DSM) or digital elevation models (DEM) based on all relevant information captured from our Drone aerial survey.


Due to the size of construction sites they can be time consuming but with a drone this poses no issue.

Traverse and capture data including: 3D mapping with pin-point measuring, topographic, 2D orthomosaic and volumetric capabilities, 3D modelling, high resolution imagery and HD or 4K video from small to large sites, allowing site conditions in some cases to be viewed  minutes after capture making site management more productive and efficient.

Aerial footage provides an accurate record of progress of all trades on the site from all angles as well as provides the means to facilitate       a full detailed check on Health & Safety issues- scaffolding, condition of hoarding, fencing round deep excavations, enabling the site      team to rectify issues immediately.

A video diary can also provide irrefutable evidence when Site Diaries are incomplete or lost over time and evidence is required to prove what was or was not done at a fraction of the cost of Forensic Accountants.

All completed works and especially roofs and other difficult to access areas can be inspected and captured in your required format in a very short space of time negating the need for erection of scaffolding or hire of expensive plant and equipment as well as reducing the risk to human life working at heights. 


Put Your Business or Cause On The Map. 

An aerial perspective can create a world of new ways to promote your cause, business or property today.